Correcting the Tendency to Self-Edit

We were required in class to draw the person sitting next to or across from us within a minute: here is the sketch the person across from me managed to get out within the tiny allotted time:

I was relieved when the sketch I drew resembled a person. The point of the exercise was how we have a tendency to fear the judgment of our peers and consequently censor ourselves.

We then did an exercise requiring us to fill in all the circles above within another minute. The point of the exercise was quantity, not quality: nevertheless I found myself trying to come up with fresh ideas instead of just putting down whatever random thing came to mind, so I didn’t do so well.


About foldingwishes

I am a 3rd year CM major interested in animation and narratology. I believe that design is important and highly applicable to all fields and that good design creates enjoyable experiences. My favorite shows are Samurai Jack, My Life as a Teenage Robot and Avatar the Last Airbender and my favorite movies are Le Grande Chef, Ratatouille and the Great Mouse Detective.
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