Project 1 Part 5: the Final Product

Using the feedback we received, we created a final prototype, as well as a use-case video detailing how to use the machine and how the machine would operate:

The special touch-screen-glass-display we originally had in mind was replaced with a regular glass display: to make up for the loss of the screen, we’ve added a tiny little screen below the buzzcard-scanner/ bill acceptor, like those seen in most conventional vending machines. Our vending machine is on wheels, for mobility, with rounded corners for safety and aesthetic appeal. Buttons are located beneath the drinks and the machine is a bit squatter, to accommodate shorter people. Selected drinks are still lit, as with the original design, and lit when it is placed in the receptacle. As for how the machine goes about retrieving the drink, a flexible cup-holder will rise up to where the drink is, where it will then take the selected drink from its row. The cup-holder then moves down, out of site, where it then translates the drink onto a platform. This platform comes with a weight-sensor: if the sensor senses no drink, the machine assumes that it is jammed and will alert the reader, then returning the user’s money. If the sensor senses the drink, the platform then DRAMATICALLY rises into the receptacle:  the drink is then lit and a sound issued from the machine to let the user know that their purchase is ready.

We also gave a presentation on our research, what we learned and the various prototypes we ran through before reaching our final design. You can access our presentation (which is a Flash) below:


About foldingwishes

I am a 3rd year CM major interested in animation and narratology. I believe that design is important and highly applicable to all fields and that good design creates enjoyable experiences. My favorite shows are Samurai Jack, My Life as a Teenage Robot and Avatar the Last Airbender and my favorite movies are Le Grande Chef, Ratatouille and the Great Mouse Detective.
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