Project 3 Final: the FitFun Treadmill

Here is a prototype of the treadmill’s screen:

And here is a link to our use-case video:

For the scenario video, we first came up with 4 different Character Profiles in vein of one IDEO method card’s suggestion.

1) Crystal Lynn

An introverted junior that lives off campus

Feels awkward going to the gym because she doesn’t feel on the same level as other people.

Knows that she should exercise, but makes excuses like “I don’t have time; too much classwork,” or “I need to relax at some point, right?”

Has only been to the CRC 5 or 6 times over the course of her time at Tech

Always with a friend or a group.

Enjoys running, but doesn’t have the motivation to go to the gym

2) Eddy Z. Lott

A highly health-conscious grad student working on his Architecture masters.

Believes in ergonomics.

“A healthy body is key to a healthy mind!”

Proclaims regular exercise gives him an extra boost to his class work.

Goes to the CRC every evening, from 6-7.

Warms up on the treadmills for 5 minutes.

Goes with one of his buddies: two if his roommate is up.

3) Mary Smith

A freshman in the beginning of her first semester at Tech.

Bogged down with lots of core classes.

Played soccer in high school, but doesn’t have the time in college to commit to playing on a team.

Does not have any high school friends at Tech.

Still trying to make new friends in college.

Uses the CRC to try to stay healthy and relieve stress.

Longs for the companionship that she had from her high school soccer team.

Loves to run, but is very lonely.

4) Julia Anne Williams

An outgoing but very self-concious girl who enjoys spending time with friends and sorority sisters as long as she’s not the center of attention.

Very active volunteer, in a number of clubs/committees on campus.

Is a little overweight but not obese.

Enjoys physical activity with friends, but rarely does any alone.

Tries to go to the gym at least once a week, but is inconsistent and has no real plan when going.

Is not enthusiastic about running, although she realizes its benefits.

In the end we chose the characters Crystal Lyn and Mary Smith for our final video.

In line with the other IDEO method card we drew inspiration from, Scale Modeling, we both created a digital model of the modified gym floor layout, with two rows of treadmills facing each other, and a tangible paper model of the new treadmill design: the red you see visible changes based on the player’s assigned color upon logging in. The white treadmill is to make players feel more open and welcome, and was inspired by the wii’s simple, clean and open design.

Gym Floor Layout

the New Treadmill


You can view the powerpoint we used here:



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