Project 3 Part 4: Shaping up the Research Plan

Data Gathering Techniques:

Interview –

Will give us an idea of the current perception gym frequenters have towards the gym and treadmills, and how they feel about adding a social aspect to it. Will give us a clearer idea of how users interact with and are impacted by the treadmill, giving us the information we need to more accurately design scenarios.

Questionnaire –

A questionnaire would give us a large amount of data regarding feeling and attitudes towards a social aspect being added to a treadmill, as well as current thoughts about treadmills and the gym atmosphere in general. It would be easier to quantify than other data gathering methods.

Observation –

By observing users on the treadmill passively we ensure that we do not affect the natural behavior of gym goers in their environment. We can therefore gauge more accurately how social their behavior with the current treadmill design is and consider how the treadmill’s current design induces this behavior.

Based on the nature of our research environment, we have decided to use the following two techniques:

1) Interview

2) Observation

IDEO Method Cards:

Character Profiles –

We will be creating a persona to test against the machine.

The types of personalities that frequent the treadmills should be noted: these personalities should then be considered when creating the Chara Profiles. Since many people attend the gym for many personal reasons, creating believable characters and considering the impact the new design will have on them is important.

Scale Modeling –

We will be making a scaled model of the treadmill and interface in order to find any obvious faults with the design.

We will also make a small mini-model of the gym, to take the arrangment of the treadmills in the environment into consideration


Data Harvesting Plan


Semi-structured Interviews



Hi, my name is __________!

We are working on redesigning the treadmill and would like to hear your thoughts on the matter.


How often do you use the treadmill?

When you come to the gym, is it usually in a group or by yourself?

Is there anything you would change about it?

Main Body

How do you feel about interacting with others on the treadmill?

What would you think about adding a game to the treadmill?

What kinds of games do you like?

How would competing against a friend affect the treadmill experience for you?


How do you feel about frozen yogurt?


Thank you for your time! Your input was most Valuable to us!


Passive Observertion

Draw out traffic patterns

Earbud/ Headphone Ratio Polls

Record in-depth how a user approaches the treadmill before using it

Note any social interactions taking place among treadmillers

How many come individually, with a friend, or in a group?

Participant Observertion

Actually try out treadmills personally: note thought process while using it

Attempt to interact socially with adjacent person: note what happens

Note how often the adjacent person is watching TV/ listening to music.



About foldingwishes

I am a 3rd year CM major interested in animation and narratology. I believe that design is important and highly applicable to all fields and that good design creates enjoyable experiences. My favorite shows are Samurai Jack, My Life as a Teenage Robot and Avatar the Last Airbender and my favorite movies are Le Grande Chef, Ratatouille and the Great Mouse Detective.
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